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About Me

I grew up in Virginia, near Washington D.C. I received my undergraduate degree in graphic design and my Master's in UX design. In 2020, I moved to Seattle and began working for Amazon's Devices Design Group as a UX Designer. I now work on a conversational AI experience for the Amazon app, named Rufus.

These days, I live in downtown Seattle and love to go hiking all around western Washington with my wife on the weekends. Some of my other hobbies include kayaking, running, trying new foods, hanging out with my dog, Indie, and listening to podcasts. Got a podcast I should listen to? Send it my way!

I'm a senior UX designer, but what sets me apart are my interests beyond UX design. In my free time outside of work, I love creating 2D and 3D animations. During my graduate program, my interest in designing for 3D environments naturally led me to study augmented and virtual reality. I wrote my Master's thesis on the use of virtual reality for the treatment of anxiety. In February 2020, I competed in a startup competition and pitched a concept for an agency that would create branded augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Overall, the experiences I’ve enjoyed most in work and life have been the ones where I’ve been able to delve into some new, challenging, or relatively uncharted territory. Want to know more about me? Send me an email or message me on LinkedIn anytime!